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Arena: the Contest is a miniature boardgame for 1 to 8 players of all experience levels. With an impressive artwork and detailed miniatures, Arena gives life to powerful Heroes in cooperative and competitive game modes.

In this turn-based tactical combat tabletop, players recruit from a wide pool of Heroes. All of them are experts in a Combat Role (like Tactician, Healer, Bruiser). There are countless combos, counterpicks and strategies to explore in the attempt to build a synergistic team.

In Competitive mode (PvP), both teams fight each other until one eliminates all opposition and wins the battle. Matches begin by strategically positioning miniatures in an infinitely customizable battlegrid. All optional elements (such as walls, altars and fire) interfere with the field to change the dynamics of combat. You’re required to plan ahead, consider your enemies’ moves and work in harmony with your team. Can you find the best possible action when your turn comes?

In Cooperative mode (PvE), the Player(s) build a team of four Heroes to face quests with different problems, hazards, and goals. The number – and quality – of accomplished mission objectives determine the Experience Points (XP) gained. You can spend XP to purchase Level UP cards, or Items that grant major – but provisory – boosts to any Hero.

Werewolf Boardgame Miniature

The optional Campaign variation allows players to travel the world and solve an ancient mystery, following an immersive background story. Campaign Cards present players with challenging events, requiring tough decisions. Those decisions shape the course – and outcome – of an adventure that find its climaxes in the difficult Dragon Boss Fights.

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QuickStart Guide


Epic Campaign Introduction


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