We selected a sample of the missions found in Arena: the Contest’s Quest Guide.

The short briefings below indicate some of the objectives and situations found in Arena’s Cooperative Mode.

Though carefully written, you may find minor spoils to the story in our Campaign Tome.

Lava Citadel

Respectable Hero:

This is your first assignment. It’s a hit and run, search and rescue mission. Travel to the southern end of Tanares and infiltrate unnoticed the ancient Eferhild Citadel, currently occupied by Barbarian Orcs.

Amidst the puddles and rivers of lava that flow through the interior of the city, experts in draconic history are held captive. Rescue them in order to acquire important information for the future of the world.

Confrontation with guards is almost inevitable, as Orcs constantly watch over the cells. You must kill the sentinels you encounter, as they may alert others of your presence. If you take too long and become surrounded, you will be dead. Take special care of Kor’dal, the fearsome Orc leader, whose quarters are unpleasantly close to the cells.

Blood Castle

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Crystal Tower

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The Dragon Graveyard

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