Dragons of Tanares

This hardcover 300-page book potentializes the rich world carefully built to harbor Arena: the Contest, Tanares Adventures, and Dungeons of Tanares projects, turning it into a full Campaign Setting for your favorite RPG sessions.

What is unique about the setting is that each Dragon is responsible for major shifts and differences in the landscape, characteristics, climate, and history of their region. And you, as the Dungeon Master, must choose whether each of the five Dragons, who hide in hibernation throughout the world, start the game alive or dead. 

In the end, you will get one of thirty-two possible combinations of scenarios. Then, you can develop a story in which players must investigate the remaining Dragons’ legend, discover the location of their lairs, and slay them in an epic fight. 

But you can do much more than that. There is even a scenario in which all Dragons are dead, and you need to make the characters deal with one of the multiple corresponding consequences to tanarian society, the political atmosphere, and more.

With hundreds of unique pieces of artwork and the background of locations and characters (possibilities for either PCs or NPCs), you will have everything you need to inspire an epic, unforgettable campaign with your friends.

Get it for a special price, January 2020, on Kickstarter.