Hydra & Bruisers Box

Increase your teambuilding and strategy options with two intense Bruisers and face this terrible Boss that promises to challenge the fiercest hero groups with its multiple attacks and chaotic positioning.

As a Kickstarter-Exclusive, this incredible Box will only be available as an add-on on Dragori Games’ Kickstarter campaigns and subsequent time-limited Pledge Managers. Follow Arena on social medias if you do not want to miss the next opportunity!

Art & World of Arena

This is not just another artbook. With 200 full-color pages, our hardcover book contains all pieces of art made for the game, and you will also get to know a lot about the World of Tanares, created specially for Arena: the Contest.

From historical legends to contemporary culture, there are many interesting things to learn about the world before your epic game campaign. You will also learn about each of our heroes’ stories, with commentaries on character design and background/concept images and sketches.

Extra Game Boards

With these boards you can play simultaneous matches (did I hear tournament?), save time setting the game up, and increase you immersion with new settings and scenarios for your PvP and Cooperative matches.

Dice & Sleeves

This kit includes enough sleeves to accommodate all cards in our original Kickstarter Full Pledge (with a few extra ones to spare). Besides, you will have one extra die for each potential player in the game. The sixteen dice (eight opaque, eight clear) are each colored like one of the Combat Roles and come inside a good-looking velvet storage bag.

Harun the Shapeshifter

He is the ultimate versatile hero. He has the only ability you execute before the match even begins: you may choose what /Combat Role he is to perform! Your Team could use a Healer? Needing another melee fighter? No problem!