Tanares Adventures

About Tanares Adventures

Tanares Adventures is a brand-new expansion for Arena: the Contest. It revolutionizes all game modes, with a new AI system for Heroes, an Epic Campaign with new gameplay and additional features, and the introduction of a new Combat Role.

Back it soon on Kickstarter to get over forty new miniatures and add months of gameplay to Arena: the Contest.

New, Improved Epic Campaign

The Empire is at war. But it is an Empire without an army, and without its Emperor.

Invaders from the other side of the ocean attacked Fisherman’s Horizon, the most thriving city on the western coast of Imperial Tanares, and now not only the Emperor, but many of the world’s best fighters, including the recent saviors of the world, are missing, presumed dead.

With the city currently inaccessible, take control of Heroes who were outside the city when the attack happened. Using your Adventure Map, explore an open world and gradually gather information and allies that can help you take the city back and save the continent.

Divide eight Heroes in two teams that go into separate journeys and come back together in the Final Epic Mission. This allows you to play either solo or in two separate groups, with as much as eight people in the same Campaign.

With many components and features not seen in the first Epic Campaign, Tanares Adventures brings to the table a much deeper story, with thousands of additional decisions and Quests.

Every single choice of path, either in a mission, or in Journey/City Cards, or in using your Assets in a mission, or in one of the thousand entries of the Journal Book, makes a difference in your game, taking you to one of multiple possible endings. Your performance in Quests change the Facts of the story, carrying a consequence not only in how many XP you earn, but in how the other missions will play out.

All of this comes in a box with new types of Bosses and Villains (like the flyers, minions, and large Ogre), to challenge even the players who think there’s nothing they can’t beat.

New Heroes, AI system

Not only Cooperative Mode is contemplated in this new Expansion, as a new Combat Role (Commander) comes to shake things up in the PvP battlefields.

Each Commander has a different Companion, that produces many combat effects and has its own Stats. With two miniatures on the board for a single hero, expect new strategies and tough tactical decisions to come up in your casual matches and tournaments.

Besides, a new AI system was developed to allow the automation of Heroes. You can even play solo PvP now. Or play solo cooperative quests controlling as few Heroes as you want.