Tanares is a World of magic and mystery, dominated by a politically savvy Emperor that forbids the creation of large armed groups besides its own army, called “Ironhand”. Avoiding Wars is the Empire’s main – disclosed – agenda, as it is believed that the Gods punish lands where blood is massively shed. To curb insurrections, the Empire created the ARENA, a contained environment to solve people’s and nations’ conflicts. Arenas quickly became the epicenter of culture, violence, entertainment and politics in Tanares.

Five Main Facts

  1. Most Tanarians believe in the MALROKIAN CURSE, through which Gods (Bauron and Tamera) will punish massive bloodshed (War) with natural catastrophes.
  2. The biggest war in history led to the creation of WASTELAND, an expanding territory saturated with toxic gas and dark energy, where vicious aberrations reside.
  3. ARENA is an institution created by the Empire to avoid the Malrokian Curse, as its combats solve major conflicts with minor bloodshed.
  4. The CHAMPION’S BOON is a wish granted to any fighter who survives 15 combats in the Arena of Fate; a stimulum for fighters to come forward and represent people’s and nations’ interests.
  5. The Emperor commands the only Army in the world: IRONHAND, made of magically brainwashed men captured at random from places where offenses against the Empire are committed. It’s a crime to gather any other large armed group, as that could result in War.

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