Special Thanks

There are too many and too important voluntary play-testers, proof-readers, advice-givers, cash-providers, and all otherkinds of helpers, for us to name them all. You know who you are, and we are forever grateful. All these people are represented here by Danielle Nascimento, Danilo Chiaretto, Edson Aoki, Jeferson Lança, Gustavo Barreto, Rafael Melo, Rodrigo Bicalho, Victor Valle and Vitor Ohi.

A Special THANK YOU to everybody that actively participated to make this game better through the 15,000+ comments made during the campaign and afterwards, the thousands of people who contacted us by e-mail, messages and all sorts of communication, and to every single Kickstarter backer that participated in the campaign that ran from March 27th to April 26th on 2018, all of them represented here by our awesome Collectors:

Anders“Ingolf” Søgård, Brian“Mech Western” Dills, Cheuk Hay, Christopher Wilkinson, Fernando Costa, Gary Lee, Giselle Ip, Gregory Whitten,“Guoccamole”, Ingebrigt Megård, Jeffrey R. Cooke, Konstantin Dirr, Mitchell Furness, Patrik Byhmer, Qi WAN, Robert Andersson, “Saitan69”,Terence Sung, Timothy M Lee, Tyler Lee Harding, Zola Suwaro.